Ebb Software
Based in Belgrade, Serbia

Founding date:
September 1, 2013


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Scorn is an atmospheric first person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe of odd forms and somber tapestry. It is designed around an idea of "being thrown into the world". Isolated and lost inside this dreamlike world you will explore different interconnected regions in a nonlinear fashion. The unsettling environment is a character itself. Every location contains its own theme (story), puzzles and characters that are integral in creating a cohesive world. Throughout the game you will open up new areas, acquire different skill sets, weapons, various items and try to comprehend the sights presented to you.


Ebb Software was founded in 2013 by a group of highly motivated individuals with the sole purpose of creating a different breed of video games. Currently it has twenty full time team members as well as a number of freelance artists it cooperates with.


Scorn gameplay trailer YouTube

Scorn teaser trailer YouTube



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Logo & Icon

Team & Repeating Collaboratos

Ljubomir Peklar
Game Design, Lead Designer

Milan Cekic
Lead Programmer

Dino Duvnjak

Milan Tomic
Environment and Level design

Lazar Mesaros
Technical Artist

Aleksandar Zec
3D Artist

Filip Pantic
3D Artist

Milos Vukovic
3D Artist

Adis Kutkut
Music and Sound Design

Jakov Muinizaba
Sound Design

Nikola Rakic
Project Management

Filip Acovic
Concept Artist

Dusan Stepanovic

Marko Abu-Samra

Sinisa Milosavljevic
3D Modeling and Animation

Aleksandar Popov

Nikola Milicevic
3D Artist

Lazar Stojanovic
3D Artist

Igor Jovanovic
3D Artist

Koca Kastavarac
Sound Design

Vladimir Kerkez
Sound Design