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Scorn is funded on Kickstarter!

Scorn Kickstarter campaign is finally over and it is a success! Thanks to all of you, amazing people from around the world! Thank you for sticking with us and providing your continuous support, liking, sharing, backing and playing Scorn!

We've got so close to the second stretch goal here on the Kickstarter, raising a 192,487 Euros. With all the PayPal donations accounted for and totaling 2,950 Euros, the grand total is 195,437 - just 4,5k away from the next goal. Even though we haven't reached the goal, we will consider implementing one or even both additional enemies if there are no big hiccups during the development.

As we said a lot of times, it's our primary goal to bring Scorn to the light of day in timely and orderly fashion. We took a lot of precautions and few compromises to make that happen and we will stay true to our original vision.

In the aftermath of this campaign, it will take us up to a week to collect all the data, and we'll start sending out backer surveys shortly after that. So you'll get to choose what name you'd like to be displayed in the backer's section of credits, what add-ons would you like to add to your reward and so on.

We would also like to thank all our players for the invaluable feedback that you provided to us while playing the demo. Along with the successful campaign, it gave a second wind to the entire team and we're now more confident than ever that we can do this.

We'd like to keep you guys updated as much as possible on the development of Scorn, but we would also like to focus on the game, instead of being fabulous on social media. So, we'll do our best to make monthly updates with an occasional sneak peek. We'll answer all the questions you guys might have, and try to clear up any confusion that may arise in the following days.

Thank you, once again, for helping us make Scorn!

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