- Scorn part 1 of 2? Is the game split into parts?

Yes, we are planning to release it in two parts, with the first part coming in 2017. 

Current design of the game contains certain concepts and ideas that we are very fond of. Changing these concepts would mess with the whole structure of the game. 

These two parts represent everything that will ever be done. There will be no DLC, expansions or sequels. Ever.


- Release date?

First part of the game is scheduled for 2017 release.

Second part is TBD.


- What platforms will Scorn be released on?

Windows PC.


- What engine are you using?

Unreal 4. 


- Where can I follow the game's progress?

We are doing a devlog at TIGSForum. You can follow the game's progress there.


- Is this another one of those walking simulators or hide and seek horror game?



- Are there weapons in the game?